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About Master Granite Marble and Tile

After more than 20 years in the tile and stone business Jorge Gallegos, a Master Ceramicist, has taken his quality craftsmanship to an even higher level. Continuing with the tradition of quality and service, Master Granite Marble & Tile has relocated to a new facility to provide the added convenience of having a tile warehouse, fabrication facility, and offices in one location, which in turn, allows us to provide more efficient, and faster service. With the help of the Gallegos family of talented Journeymen, a friendly, efficient office staff and years of experience, this combination is a
winning one for our customers. We encourage you to give Master Granite, Marble & Tile the opportunity to Master your design fantasy!

Environmental & Conservation Policy

Master Granite Marble & Tile has a strong commitment to the environment. An elaborate water recycling system was designed and installed in our fabrication facility specifically to allow reuse of the water used during the granite cutting and polishing process. This saves thousands of gallons of water annually. We recognize that our earth's resources are limited and precious.

Master Granite, Marble & Tile, supports vendors that are concerned with the environment and use our resources wisely. Many incorporate environmentally friendly materials, processes and products throughout their organizations. We insist that all of our vendors maintain safe factories, warehouses, and offices, in accordance with State and Federal laws.